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Welcome to Your Healing Journey!


This life journey is your metamorphosis. Learn to de-program yourself, unplug, reset, and reprogram your neurocircuitry for love, instead of fear. As we are moving into the new earth, it’s time to drop the baggage of the past; It’s time to heal the ancestral trauma and wound timelines that were keeping us locked in shame, guilt, fear, not enough-ness, financial poverty, and anger.

If you are here, then you must have realized that there is a narrative in your head that you live by that impedes you from living full out. Part of that narrative are limiting beliefs, those beliefs determine your perception, your perception creates your thoughts, and then you take action or not based on the thoughts that you foster. What type of thoughts are you rehearsing? What feelings and emotions are trapped in your body and keep you frozen in a state of separation? Let’s dive into your healing journey and unleash your inner dragon.

What if you could rewrite that narrative and live your best life now? Ascension is woven into my mission as a healing facility and guardian on this planet. What if you could activate your DNA to flip the script of your life and create exactly what you wish and desire? What if you deserve to be abundant and prosperous? What if you could break the anti-self programs and release the negative mindset? Because it is you, who creates.

Through hypnosis, your brain will be stimulated in new ways, such that you experience a sudden breakthrough that creates an opening for new perspectives, and a new approach to life. You start taking new actions in alignment with your goals for a joyous living. Stress is created by a sense of loss of control.  During hypnosis, the brain waves slow down to alpha and theta, the body goes to sleep and the mind focus opens and sharpens. This process gives the mind a chance to recalibrate itself. New possibilities suddenly become possible.  After a hypnosis session, you feel relaxed, as if a weight bag lifted off of you, you feel refreshed and energized, back in control.

There is a difference between the experiences we have and live and the way our brain stores those experiences. There is a representation of those experiences in our brain that will shape the way we remember those experiences and how we will operate in our lives after those experiences happened. The brain organizes our experiences in certain ways and we tend to live at the effect of those experiences, no matter whether they are positive or negative. Our beliefs create our perception. Perception creates our thoughts. Thoughts create our attitudes and expression in the world.

The brain has a negativity bias, because the reptilian brain is wired for survival.

Profound positive changes happen through hypnosis when you open yourself up to your own healing. Overcoming the reptilian brain stakes observance of self. Identification of the intruding negative thoughts is the first step in breaking the disempowering program.  When trauma has happened, your system uses more resources than it can refuel. You tend to operate from fixing what’s “wrong with you” or what’s not working, while your system is, in fact, shut down. You are operating from a state of survival. This is not your fault. It’s biological and neurological programming. Compassionate communication, feeling cared for, and feeling loved are the universal medicine and deeply rewarding. Let’s get you back in the game of creating success, joy and fulfillment. 

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