Muse Hypnotherapy

About Nora Stefanescu a.k.a. The Muse

Known as the “Chiropractor of the Mind,” Nora has a unique talent in making the right “adjustments” in her client’s subconscious mind helping them overcome mental, emotional, physical pain and spiritual blocks. Besides hypnosis, Nora’s expertise includes mental reframing and consciousness coaching.

“I read the first book on the mind, when I was twelve years old. “Thought Power” by Swami Sivananda. In my early teens I was reading Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung to educate myself on what was coming with puberty. That curiosity for self-understanding put me on an early research and study path that remained a constant to this day.  So it is not a surprise that I became a metaphysical hypnotherapist. I am in constant expansion of Self as a splinter of Source. 

I have been on a quest for truth thru various sciences: metaphysics, numerology, Astrology, neuroscience, cosmology, iridology, NLP – neuro linguistic programming, psychoneuroimmunology, brain chemistry, bio-dynamic resonance, Keylontic Science, and more. I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, and a practicing meditator.” 

Nora graduated with Honors and a perfect 4.0 from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), receiving the Director’s Award and Academic Achievement Award in 2017. HMI is the first Nationally Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy College in North America with prestigious attendees such as Dr. Joe Dispenza.  You can find Nora here

Before her career as a hypnotherapist Nora was a graphic and media designer. She studied in Romania, Germany and the United States. She holds a Masters degree in International Business, a Bachelors degree in Humanities and Philology and an Associates degree in Media Design.