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Services and Methodology

Inner reflection, introspection, and understanding what drives your feelings and emotions are part of the journey of self discovery and expansion and are a must in order to gain higher levels of consciousness. Much of this is done through meditation and hypnosis, as it is the alpha – theta – gamma progression that elevates your state and being. As Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

1. Hypnosis and Mental Reframing

The dualistic nature of how we experience what we call reality is impeding us from fully being immersed in the present moment. If you are replaying the same tune, rehearsing the same negative thoughts, reliving the same state of anxiety, if you are feeling trapped or stuck, then you are not in the present moment. You are in the past. You’re spinning your heels on a wheel. You have unresolved traumas, issues, events, memories from the past that keep your actions for advancement limited. You can’t see beyond that limitation. Well, that’s where I come in. I help you get passed that with what I call the “Emotional Renewal Method”.  I use consciousness coaching and metaphysical hypnosis to help guide you into your most successful timeline. Everything is a choice. The depth of your healing is your choice. How much karma are you ready to go through in this timeline to resolve and let go of?

2. Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

When you are looking for an answer it is because you have a question. What is that question? Why do you want to or think that you need to access another life timeline? Deep within the universe are the records of all creation. These are known as the The Akashic Records, or the indestructible tablets of the astral light. Seeking out healing, understanding yourself, remembering, exploring your being, is why you’re here. Finding your truth is your mission. What is your truth? What is your creative expression of self that the world needs to see and know? 

Where do you fall short when you go after your dreams? 

When we explore the future, we ar moving through timelines to access the information that will support you answer the questions that you have here today. You are asking the questions, you will receive the answers. After all, you are the mystic in your life. You are the one creating the mystique. 

3. The Heart of the Master Activation

The Heart of the Master Activation is a 4-week immersive journey into yourself.  Activate your original divine starseed DNA blueprint for the fulfillment of your mission and living a fulfilled life with purpose.

4. The Soul’s Journey – Heart Mind Coherence Mastermind Mentorship

This is an opportunity to have a mentor along the way while you are creating and manifesting your dreams. This is the time, the only time you have for your expansion. It’s your duty to get your dreams fulfilled because there are yours and no one else’s. So you’ve gotta go get them. And in the process, you’ll meet a new expanded you.  Live into your Life Purpose, Inner Peace, Joie de Vivre, Abundance, Authenticity, Expanded Soul Awareness.

This is designed for the Sage in you. Awaken yourself to the discipline of being a disciple of Source. Remember that your are God-Source incarnate.

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When you learn through direct cognition that you are a multi-dimensional being, and start dissolving yourself in another dimension, when you become Source and realize that you create as you speak, you no longer operate from a material standpoint, because you now know that the dense matter of three dimensional reality is a playground for acting out being human. Its all an expression of life framed in form here in the three dimensional holographic reality on planet Earth. The higher you access yourself, and the deeper you go, the more you allow yourself to expand and access higher levels of consciousness and dimensionality. ” (The Muse)