Muse Hypnotherapy

Take the Healing Journey

The brain is the control center of our functioning in this world. It is the central processing unit of our biological system and it receives electrical stimulation that it then interprets, translates and communicates internally to the entire system. For the most part we think that the brain is controlling everything, whether we are conscious and aware of it or not. When the brain and the heart are aligned we experience coherence. Coherence is a sense of peace, balance, self-knowing, and bliss. It is something to aspire to attain because coherence aligns you with who you truly are and recalibrates your perception so you can see yourself and your full capacities of being and exploring.  

When you discard F E A R (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) and find your true Source of Energy, you soar. There is one effective call for H.E.L.P. – Hello Eternal Loving Presence! 

With hypnosis you embark on a self discovery journey.  Self-Healing calls you from within. Expansion is calling you. Hypnosis is the vehicle, the medium, through which you get to make the desired changes for yourself. It is a state in which you come closer to a higher version of yourself and you can start to unravel the barriers that you may be facing. Once those barriers are identified, we remove them and make room for the New.

When you explore for instance, discernment, you start seeing the internal intricacies  and interferences that are stopping you from being further in your game of life. What are your values?

When you allow the process to unfold naturally, spontaneous healing occurs. Sometimes we need to go galactic, to reconnect with ourselves. Consciousness is where all arises from. We are splinters of pure consciousness, and we made a stop on planet earth. What’s your purpose and mission while you’re here?