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The Heart of the Master Activation

De-Code Yourself, Overwrite Your Old Inherited Disempowering Programs

My client, Jimmy, has gone through “The Heart of the Master Journey” and here is what he had to share about it with you. 

“Nora has a gifted and beautiful way to be a wonderful coach and facilitator. She uses her acute intuition and abilities to help craft and create custom workflows and plans with your guides to help create a suitable vehicle to help facilitate your return to coherency. It is a tailor made type of program, bringing in the lessons you need to return to source. It basically helps set the stage for you.

At the start of the program I wasn’t too sure that within 4 short weeks, we would go through that much change. Especially with the short hypnotherapy sessions; however, they were exactly enough and the words used by Nora were exactly what my subconscious mind needed to hear. I caught myself a bit confused at some of the vernacular used; however, always within the week suddenly something would click in my life and it would make a lot of sense and I could feel a paradigm shift inside. It would be something I read or in a conversation with someone and “click” and I would have a soft smile and a sparkle in my eyes. After the 4 weeks, I can say I am a completely different person mentally, psychologically, and energetically. It surprising that it’s only been 4 weeks, when it feels like years worth of change.

Too many times we have the programs (opinions and beliefs) of culture, society, family, friends, and our ego running around in our field of consciousness and awareness. All these programs tend to hide, distract, and obscure our original pure coherency (intrinsic awareness). What this program does is that it helps facilitate and create a space and structure that helps you turn down all that extra noise that is not the true you in your mind-core-heart-source-awareness. It is a coaching program that contains teaching, discussion, homework, and hypnotherapy (when needed) that will help create and facilitate a space and room for you to grow into your purpose. It is a coaching program that helps shift your mindset, and perception. Perception in life is dominated by your beliefs (the Be-Lies you tell yourself of your being). By shifting your perception and beliefs (incoherent programs and lies of the ego), you naturally begin to shift into coherency (which is the true and original state of everyone’s being). 

Now this program is a doorway/platform/facilitator. Which means you have to actively take action and ownership of your journey. It’s not enough to just step at the front of the door, you have to walk through it. It’s not enough to be on a platform with a facilitator, you have to utilize the platform and take action. The facilitator cannot do the journey for you, but it can help guide you along. When you actively take action and initiative with the clear and sincere intention of returning to coherency and grounding yourself, you will begin to see many synchronicities line up. The key is to be open to the opportunities and to take diligent action towards them. The Universe/Source has a funny way of testing our genuineness (if we have been in incoherency for too long) because it knows we are inconsistent as a human in incoherency. When we are in coherency (vs incoherent), we say, think, and do what we mean. When we are not, we say one thing, think another, and do another. When we are coherent we are clear, decisive, and take action. When we are incoherent we are foggy, indecisive, and drag our feet. The three main parts of our creation ability is: thought, speech, and action. So we must be coherent and in sync. We truly say what we think and mean, and do what we say and think. So initially we will see some small tests here and there, but eventually when we have shown that we are in coherence vs incoherent then “magic” will start happening. 

This program acts as a doorway for you to step back into your coherent state and telling the Universe/Source that you are ready to listen to the song your heart has been singing your entire life (but drowned out with the programming and paradigms of ego, society, culture, friends, family, etc.) Remember, there nothing wrong with these programs, and they stuck with us because we resonated with them on some level, otherwise how could we energetically make a copy? Resonance only happens when frequencies match, so if you didn’t have some of that energy frequency in the first place it would not be in your field at all). So we learn to approach this with amusement and let it go. 

Nora uses tailor made hypnotherapy sessions to help initiate the code/programming we need (she works with our guides and hers to create a unique yet effective sessions) into our subconscious mind to help speed up the transition to allow the subconscious mind to start to run a different program. Programs are great if they are useful and helpful (and we need them, just like a computer needs software to run). But they become an issue if they’re outdated, stuck, and not optimal and not useful anymore. It’s like software is great, until it needs an update. If it’s not updated it starts having more and more issues over time. These programs help us run our life, and we need them. But they become an issue when we serve these programs vs them serving us. We serve them due to incoherency, so we don’t realize they’re meant to serve us not the other way around. 


As you journey through the program, you will begin to see shifts. It may not feel like it during the sessions sometimes, but understand that your sincere, clear, and genuine intention for growth and returning to coherency is enough and whatever is needed for you on the journey will come into your life. 


For me, I started this journey and program around the same time as my taking an online energy class (interestingly it was the exact class I needed to integrate into my life and spirituality, it was like a missing piece to help me begin to complete the whole picture). Now, I always had access to this program and I paid significant amount of money for it, but wasn’t inclined to use it (I had it for 2 years). But once I was on the journey, I felt a push towards it (Instagram was actually showing the program again and it kept popping up). So I took it as a beautiful coherent message and suggestion from the universe. To my absolute surprise my journey matched up perfectly with the weekly lessons and at the pace I was going through with the 4 week journey. The online class is a 7 week journey, but I would go through it and stop at critical points (because I felt like I needed time to digest, process, and integrate) and as such the lessons lined up perfectly and I was able to do each session with Nora well prepared with understanding and tools that helped streamline and drive home the lessons. Nora and I always giggled and had our jaws open during our sessions because we were in sync and the lessons really sank deeper in during our sessions (at first I was worried about the time because I didn’t think it was enough to facilitate that much change, but it ended up being the right amount).


Basically, I made the intention and Nora being the facilitator created a facility/platform for me and I went up on the stage to bat and begin batting. Within a short 4 week time, my personal understanding, beliefs, and abilities were enhanced to another level, because I was able to shed a lot of the noise in my conscious and unconscious fields. It was an extremely rapid growth period for me energetically and spiritually; however, it did not come with all of the growing pains and painful growth periods, because I was able to get the lessons needed from random things that appear on my Instagram feed, or friends sending me messages, articles, or other “random” things. All these things helped me alchemize the old energies to energize my new ones (we had an alchemy hypnotherapy session and it really has come to a point that the energy alchemy is as simple as breathing). Which resulted in not only rapid superior growth, but a graceful one without the pain normally associated to intense growth periods. I remembered how to be a creator again. It’s something we all are and have, but forgotten. 


I would highly recommend this program to help jumpstart your journey of self discovery, but with like any program and journey it’s up to you to make the most of it and show up and take action 24/7 during your journey. To recognize the opportunities and lessons throughout and to seize them. The universe is always watching and listening and responding to us, especially when we are coherent, genuine, and looking to return home to source. So as you return to coherency take action! Each coherent action you take the more coherent you become. It solidifies this into a positive feedback loop!”

Are you:

  1. Numbed by guilt and shame?
  2. Stuck and you don’t know why?
  3. Not able to get over a breakup?
  4. Experiencing anxiety?
  5. Angry and don’t know why?
  6. Paralyzed with fear of doing what matters to you?
  7. Driving yourself crazy because you are comparing yourself with others?
  8. Terrified of doing what you love?
  9. Searching for your purpose without being successful at finding it?
  10. Experiencing doubt, fear, and disbelief in yourself?
  11. Socially awkward, and out of touch with yourself?
  12. Engaging in negative self-talk?

Then hypnosis might be for you! Together we will go to work on the issues you are currently facing.