What clients say about their experience with hypnosis…

I found our session really interesting – downloaded and listened to the recording twice so far, and I am about to listen to it again. I can already see changes, and I am surprised at the almost effortless change in my reaction to food. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I find myself not snacking, not needing to eat in order to complete a boring task, and I even stopped adding milk to my coffee without it even bothering me. Predictably, the weight has started to move downwards (ha! who knew :-). After our first session I had the best sleep in ages, and my mood has definitely improved.” (Chryssa D, Ireland)
“I have been working with Nora  for a few months now & I can tell you that we have accomplished more in those few months than I did in years of seminars of various disciplines. There is only so much that you can do on a conscious level, however, for a highly logical person like myself that has a very analytical mind, hypnosis is the key to bypassing this analytical, protective mind & delving deeper into the subconscious to release buried emotions, experiences & deeply held beliefs that hold us back in life. Hypnosis is also an incredible way to create new futures by planting new seeds & creating new neural pathways.
My experience of working with Nora has been of pure bliss. I walk in exhausted from my day & I leave light & refreshed after our session. Nora is bright, intuitive, compassionate, & inquisitive. She sees the best in me & works tirelessly to bring that out. I trust her completely. She totally has my back & is my #1 champion.
Since we have started working together, I have shed over 50 lbs of  fat, cleared several relationships, have increased my wealth significantly, & have shifted a major family hurdle that I have been dealing with for years without avail. I’m more confident than ever & I like the person that I am now. I’m enjoying simply being a woman & it looks like I’m even finally willing to date.
I highly, highly, highly recommend working with Nora. Do this for yourself! You deserve it! Hypnosis is not like what you have heard about in the past. Think of that segment in time when you first begin to fall asleep. You can still hear everything around you & you are aware if someone is speaking to you. You can answer questions & can even get up if you like. This is also the time that your body is relaxed & your mind is starting to make images. This is the space where all the magic happens. Nora records all sessions so I can go back & listen to them again if I like. It’s a completely safe space & Nora customizes every session to suite what I’m dealing with at that time.
I can’t say enough about the massive benefits that I’m getting from working with Nora. No amount of psychological therapy will come anywhere close to what happens in hypnosis. I’m only on session 12 now & I can tell you that this is the best thing that I have done for myself. I look forward to what we will accomplish next! Don’t wait! Do this for yourself! You will be so grateful to yourself  for having taken this step. I know I am.”
(Rana F, Los Angeles CA)
“I worked with Nora for about a year after a very difficult divorce. She helped me pick myself back up. I got my self esteem back, I started a business, I opened up to the possibility of falling in love again (which was not possible when we first started working together). I am forever thankful for her services and obviously highly recommend her. Thank you, Nora, for being amazing at what you do. I feel like a new person after all the work we’ve done.”
(Angelica H, Fort Lauderdale, FL)
“When I first looked into doing hypnotherapy sessions here in West LA I didn’t know where to go. I asked around and was recommended to Muse Hypnotherapy. From the first session I experienced a warm, professional, safe space to work on me! It was great. I own a business and wanted to manage my stress on a different level and Nora was able to help through her knowledge and support. I found that I am able to easily keep my stress level down and manageable through Nora’s help. I definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a hypnotherapist. Nora definitely knows what she is doing.”
(Mike G, Los Angeles, CA)
“Nora helped me draw the trajectory that I dreamt of for my professional life . Working with her supported me in building my business and then, when I needed to bring it to the next level, she helped me take the action that opened up a new level of doing business internationally in the field that I love and in which I find my full self expression. If you need support with taking yourself to the next level professionally and want personal breakthroughs of your own blocks,  look no further. Clearly there is no accident for the name “Muse”Hypnotherapy.”
(Jazeel, H, Tel Aviv, Israel)
“Nora, I feel so great when I leave your office. You are like a chiropractor for the mind.”
(Mel S, Westwood, CA)
“Nora is an intelligent, fun and caring hypnotherapist. I highly recommend her. She was and still is a strong tool in helping me shift and change out of the lacking, closed off mindset I used to be locked in. Very grateful! Thank you Nora!” ( Ben K, Pasadena, CA)
“Nora’s sessions have been quite transformational and the results were immediate. Right from the first session I felt a positive change. Every single session was beyond expectations. I was struggling with anxieties, traumas, insecurities, unwanted unconscious patterns and behaviors that would stop me from my own growth in all areas of life. Most patterns were from my childhood, patterns that I had either denied or suppressed and didn’t know where to look. I often felt stuck and depressed.  Nora’s sessions allowed me to safely re-visit areas in my life where I was numb and stopped, and when we were done, I felt this amazing freedom like I had never felt before; Better yet, it stayed that way.  I credit this not only to her dedication to hypnotherapy, but also to her deep listening and commitment that she has for my life and my freedom.  I highly recommend her, her space is safe and gentle; She is very clear in her explaining everything from the beginning to the end.
(James L, L.A, CA)
Working with Nora for the past year has made a huge impact in creating the life I really want. I had a lot of unresolved issues about my past and uncertainty about my future. With her tools, guidance and hypnosis sessions I have learned to create a better life for myself. I can clearly see how far I’ve come and how much happier I am today, thanks to her hypnosis sessions. As I continue to grow, I always come back to Nora when I’m feeling lost or need help solving the problems in my life. I always feel such a relief and clarity whenever I leave her office.”
(Sina B, L.A, CA)
“Thank you for fixing my mind. I’m working out several times a day. Meeting up with my friends at gyms all over the city for workouts. My shoulder healed completely and I am using heavy weights again.”
(Mike S, Sherman Oaks)
“I default to skepticism, especially when it comes to things that may seem a little ‘woo-woo’ or non-traditional. Add in stories of people being taken advantage of or coerced into walking around like chickens and I’m out. Hypnotherapy came around as an opportunity, so I decided to stay open and just give it a try. Wow. I had no idea it would be so immediately impactful.  I started seeing results in my actions right away. I’m so grateful for Nora and her expertise. She was so patient with me as I moved through the process, completely committed that I see the results I hoped for.  Not only have I seen the change I wanted, I’ve also experienced additional, welcomed side effects, feeling more grounded, emotionally strong, calm, and peaceful.  I highly recommend Nora and Muse Hypnotherapy. I’m a believer now!”  (M.M., Santa Monica, CA)
“Nora, your sessions are just amazing. Leaves me speechless. Thank you so much!”
(Mike T, Los Angeles, CA)
“Wow, my life has changed so much since our session. Opportunities are coming from everywhere. Wanted to let you know that everything is working out. I feel brand new. Thank you again, Nora.”
(Robert B, Tarzana, CA)
“I do not know what I would have done without Nora and her coaching. My husband passed away suddenly 5 years ago; I have seen therapists, other hypnotherapists, life coaches, gone to retreats, seminars, grief counselors, you name it. A friend recommended Nora to me when I was really in a bad place and she turned me around on the very first call. Weekly she helped me work through things as they came up. I am still amazed that I could call her crying and in crisis and by the end of the call, I was not only OK but actually GREAT.  After working with Nora I can say that I am building a life and not living in the past anymore. I believe Nora has found her calling and I consider myself blessed to have found her.”
(Lory F, Laguna Beach, CA)

Are you:

  1. Numbed by guilt and shame?
  2. Stuck and you don’t know why?
  3. Not able to get over a breakup?
  4. Experiencing anxiety?
  5. Angry and don’t know why?
  6. Paralyzed with fear of doing what matters to you?
  7. Driving yourself crazy because you are comparing yourself with others?
  8. Terrified of doing what you love?
  9. Searching for your purpose without being successful at finding it?
  10. Experiencing doubt, fear, and disbelief in yourself?
  11. Socially awkward, and out of touch with yourself?
  12. Engaging in negative self-talk?

Then hypnosis might be for you! Together we will go to work on the issues you are currently facing. We will redefine what’s possible for you and your life and implement those possibilities, such that your life works the way you envision it.

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