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Nora is an awarded board certified Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, California who has devoted thousands of hours to the study of language, neuro-science, neuro-plasticity, meditation, yoga, longevity, various therapy modalities, and psychoneuroimmunology. 

Known as the “Chiropractor of the Mind,” she has a unique talent in making the right “adjustments” in her client’s subconscious mind helping them overcome mental, emotional, physical pain and spiritual blocks.  Nora’s expertise includes coaching and mental reframing around weight loss, stress management, anxiety, self-esteem and self-image, athletic performance, reviving of your passions and going after your dreams; stepping into your life purpose.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), Nora can “read” one’s energy field when interacting with them. As an empath, she is an active listener and when you allow the process to unfold naturally, spontaneous healing occurs. 

As a life-long explorer, Nora has lived and worked in Europe, the United States and Bali. She understands how cultural beliefs and societal expectations impact your personality, habits and actions. Before her career as a hypnotherapist, Nora was property manager, an art director, media designer and a photographer.

Nora offers hypnotherapy in English, German and Romanian, all over the world via zoom and locally in her office in Los Angeles.

(certif. #34818444) 

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